Meet Adele Georgiana Gianopoulos: Info, Relationship, Career and Net Worth

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Personal Information or Bio

Adele Georgiana Gianopoulos, born on July 10, 2009, is the daughter of the iconic actress Molly Ringwald and her husband, Panio Gianopoulos. Adele’s birth was a momentous occasion for her parents, as she arrived alongside her twin brother, Roman Stylianos. Molly Ringwald, a well-known entertainment industry figure, had reached 40 when she joyfully welcomed her twins into the world.

Named after Molly’s mother, Adele’s arrival was a dream come true for her parents. Molly, having undergone surgery to enhance her chances of conceiving again, expressed her deep gratitude for the opportunity to have another daughter. As Adele grew, she developed her unique personality, earning praise from her mother as an incredibly aware and woke individual.


Adele Georgiana Gianopoulos is an integral part of a loving and close-knit family. She shares her childhood with her twin brother, Roman, and her elder sister, Mathilda, who has had the privilege of experiencing some of Molly Ringwald’s iconic ’80s movies. While Mathilda has been introduced to her mother’s cinematic legacy, Adele has yet to embark on that journey.

Molly Ringwald’s contemplation about sharing her earlier films with her twins stems from her belief that some of those movies may appear troubling in today’s modern context. Adele, described as incredibly woke, represents a generation that views the world differently, prompting her mother’s thoughtful consideration.


At her tender age, Adele Georgiana Gianopoulos is amid a cherished and nurturing upbringing but is still far from embarking on a career of her own. Her formative years have been bathed in the warmth and love of her family, with a special focus on her famous mother, Molly Ringwald. Adele’s life has been a tapestry woven with the threads of affection, support, and the influence of her family’s prominent presence in the entertainment industry.

Growing up in the care of a renowned actress like Molly Ringwald has undoubtedly given Adele a unique perspective on the world. From a young age, she has been exposed to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, attending events, premieres, and perhaps even visiting film sets alongside her mother. These experiences have created lasting memories and offered Adele valuable insights into the world of showbiz.

Net Worth

Adele Georgiana Gianopoulos has yet to establish an established net worth, given her age and lack of a professional career. However, she enjoys the benefits of her family’s success and the love and support surrounding her. Her parents, Molly Ringwald and Panio Gianopoulos, have undoubtedly provided her with a comfortable and nurturing environment as she continues to grow and discover her path in life.

Adele’s journey as part of the Ringwald-Gianopoulos family promises to be an exciting and unique one as she navigates the complexities of growing up in the spotlight while forging her own identity in a rapidly changing world. With the guidance and love of her family, including her woke and aware perspective, Adele Georgiana Gianopoulos is poised for a promising future.


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