Meet Journalist Ana Cabrera’s Husband, Benjamin Nielson

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Benjamin Nielson is the husband of American journalist Ana Cabrera. Ana is known for her time at CNN, where she worked for nearly ten years. Benjamin Nielson’s date of birth is unknown, but he is probably in his 40s. He came to the spotlight after his marriage to Ana Cabrera; thus, details of her early life are unknown.

Personal Life

In his personal life, Benjamin met his wife, Ana Cabrera, in the early 2000s while in college; they dated for a while before deciding to move their relationship to the next stage. The two love birds exchanged their wedding vows on September 11, 2005. Benjamin has been together with his wife for close to two decades. Benjamin is a father of two: a daughter named Maria and a son named Jackson.

Education and Career

Benjamin Nielson is educated; after completing his high school education, he joined college to further his studies. He majored in business administration, graduating from the University of Washington in 2002. Upon completing his college education, Benjamin started his business and is now an established and accomplished businessman and entrepreneur. Business running his businesses, Benjamin has also worked for several companies, including Citadel and Goldman Sachs.

Benjamin has also invested in the tech industry; he co-founded One Technology and and was the CEO.

His Wife

Benjamin’s wife is known for her time on CNN, where she worked as a reporter and news anchor. Her professional journey has been good; upon completing her degree from the University of Washington, she started working at KHQ-TV, an NBC affiliate, before joining KMGH-TV, where she worked as a news anchor for a morning program.

While at KMGH-TV, she earned an Emmy Award for her excellent reporting of the High Park fire. Besides, her morning team won the Annual Mark Twain Award. Benjamin’s wife left for CNN in 2013 and started working as a Denver correspondent. She also served in the TV station’s investigative team before she was named as the news anchor of CNN Newsroom.

As a news anchor, Ana Cabrera covered several major stories, including the events after the shooting of Michael Brown, an African-American, the London Bridge Attack in 2017, and the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. In December 2022, after working at CNN for nearly a decade, Benjamin’s wife left for MSNBC, and she is currently working as the news anchor for 10. am news hour.

Net Worth

Benjamin Nielson has made a good fortune through his numerous professional activities. Having co-founded two tech companies, he must have made much money. His net worth is unknown, but he has made enough to care for his wife and two children. Besides, his wife has also made a fortune as a journalist.

Social Media

Benjamin Nielson prefers to keep his life private and rarely posts on social media. Besides, it is unclear if he has Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts. On the other hand, his wife, Ana Cabrera, is active on social media pages but mostly posts pictures and videos related to her work.



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