Who is Betty Ruth Scott?

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Betty Ruth Scott was a legendary woman who received much recognition for her ministry. Betty Ruth stood by her husband, and even after her husband died, she remained and continued her work with greatness.

Betty Ruth Scott has inspired many women known for standing with the poor. Therefore, she has received many local, state and federal government awards. She received the Woman of the Year award recently, recognizing her effort in defending the poor and spearheading different ministries.

Betty Ruth Scott Bio

Betty Ruth Scott was born in Gloster, Mississippi, on February 9, 1934. Betty spent her early years in Mississippi until she was nine, when she relocated to Los Angeles, California, with her family. Once they landed in Los Angeles, she joined the Los Angeles public school system and Ritter Elementary School. Later, she joined Jordan High School and completed her high school education.

Betty Ruth Scott graduated from Dorsey High School in 1952, where she met her husband, Frederick Price. One year later, Frederick Price and Betty Ruth Scott walked down the aisle and were married on March 29, 1953, at nineteen years old.

Betty Ruth Scott Family

Beth Ruth Scott is a proud mother and grandmother. She has spent over six decades with her husband, Apostle Frederick Price, and they were blessed with four children from the union. Betty Scott and her family have worked in the ministry, including all her children and daughter-in-law.

Moreover, Betty Ruth Scott is a proud grandmother with eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Did Betty Ruth Scott Lose Her Child?

Betty Ruth Scott and her husband have been in ministerial work for many years, and in 1962, their faith was tested. In 1962, a car struck and killed Betty’s son, Frederick K. C Price III. The child was eight years old, and the event occurred when coming from school.

In one of the books by Betty Ruth Scott, she described how their faith had been tested. Betty describes that her husband was most affected, and accepting the event was tough for him. The book Standing by God’s Man describes how they tried consoling each other in the best way possible.

The time was challenging for the family, but the couple saw it as a way of testing and that the devil was trying to destroy their family. Although it was hard to overcome, the family came out strong.

Is Betty Ruth Scott Continuing with Ministry Work?

Dr. Betty has continued the work left by her husband, Frederick Price. Frederick and his wife began a ministry in the 1970s with a congregation of 300 individuals, and over the years, it has grown to 25,000 congregants.

The ministry has played a significant role in giving people hope and education and even creating employment for over 150 employees. Betty Ruth Scott was ordained to the gospel ministry in 1994, and since then, she has served the people with greatness.

Moreover, her efforts have been recognized by local and state governments, earning several awards.


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