Facts About Kristina Dourif Tanoue:Her Personal Info, Relationship, Career and Net Worth

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Personal Information

Kristina Dourif Tanoue, also recognized as Kristina Dourif is a prominent American freelance makeup artist and consultant. Born in the United States in 1976, Kristina has garnered recognition for her professional achievements and familial ties as the daughter of acclaimed American film and television actor Brad Dourif. Her half-sister, the actress Fiona Dourif, further adds to her illustrious family lineage. Kristina Dourif Tanoue holds American citizenship by birth and belongs to a mixed ethnic background.

In her personal life, Kristina Dourif Tanoue is known to have a daughter named Caden Kalani Kahalewai Dourif, born in 2001. However, Kristina has maintained a private stance when disclosing details about her romantic life, leaving questions about her marital status unanswered.

As a makeup artist, consultant, and member of the distinguished Dourif family, Kristina Dourif Tanoue’s journey is marked by a blend of creativity, talent, and a strong family legacy. Her contributions to the beauty industry have added to her net worth and carved out a unique place for her within the entertainment world. Kristina’s story continues to be a fascinating blend of personal and professional achievements, making her a notable figure in her own right.


Kristina Dourif Tanoue’s family boasts a rich history in the entertainment industry. Her father, Brad Dourif, has enjoyed a distinguished career, earning numerous awards and nominations. Notably, he won a Golden Globe and a BAFTA Award for his compelling supporting role as “Billy Bibbit” in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” He also received an Oscar nomination, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in cinema.

In addition to her father’s renowned career, Kristina shares a special bond with her half-sister, Fiona Dourif, who has made her mark in acting.


Kristina Dourif Tanoue embarked on a captivating journey into the realm of makeup artistry and consulting. This path has allowed her to showcase her remarkable talents and expertise within the beauty industry. As a freelance makeup artist and consultant, Kristina’s career has been marked by an unwavering commitment to her craft, leading her to achieve remarkable milestones over the years.

With each stroke of her makeup brush and every consultation she conducts, Kristina has cultivated a profound understanding of beauty, transforming faces and enhancing natural features. Her journey in the industry has been nothing short of a masterpiece, as she has consistently demonstrated a keen eye for detail and an innate sense of artistry.

Kristina has accumulated a rich tapestry of experiences throughout her career, contributing to her well-deserved reputation for excellence. Her portfolio showcases various projects, from glamorous red carpet-looks to subtle, elegant bridal makeup. Her artistic versatility has earned her respect among clients and positioned her as a sought-after talent in the world of beauty.

Net Worth

Kristina Dourif Tanoue has built a successful career that has contributed to her estimated net worth, which ranges between $300,000 and $500,000. Her earnings primarily stem from her freelance makeup artist and consultant work.

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