Facts About Muffie Cabot: Her Bio, Career, Relationship, and Net Worth

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Muffie Cabot, a shining star of American high society, deftly juggles her responsibilities as an heiress, socialite, and famous mom. Cabot’s life is a fascinating tapestry, and it all began in the culturally rich environment of Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he was born and raised.

Early Life

Muffie Cabot’s origins can be traced to her birthplace of Cambridge, Massachusetts, where her parents, Janet Elliott Wulsin and Richard Hobart, welcomed her into the world. Her father, Richard Hobart, distinguished himself as an art collector and an investment banker with Loomis Sayles. At the same time, her mother, Janet Elliott Wulsin, embarked on expeditions under the sponsorship of the National Geographic Society to unexplored regions like Tibet and Outer Mongolia.

Cabot’s formative years were spent in Cambridge, Massachusetts as an heir to a lineage of Mayflower passengers. She pursued her education at various boarding schools, ultimately graduating from Smith College. The echoes of her father’s art appreciation and her mother’s adventurous spirit reverberated throughout her upbringing.

Relationships: Marriages and Influential Circles

Cabot’s romantic journey encompasses notable unions. Initially married to Eric Wentworth, a correspondent for The Washington Post, their partnership eventually divorced in 1964. This marked the inception of her intriguing connections, as she maintained residence at the elegant Embassy Row home known as Whitehaven.

In the context of family, Muffie Cabot’s life unfolds with intricate threads of relationships. Her marriage to Eric Wentworth brought forth a son named John and a daughter named Elizabeth, in addition to her well-known daughter, Ali Wentworth. Following her marriage to Henry Brandon, she welcomed another daughter into her family constellation.

Subsequently, she tied the knot with British national Henry Brandon, a prominent Washington correspondent renowned as one of the most influential foreign correspondents in the USA. The couple’s charisma was showcased through their legendary parties that graced the Washington social scene. Tragedy struck when Cabot was widowed from Brandon in 1993.

In 1997, Cabot found love again in Louis Wellington Cabot, a distinguished figure who chaired the America’s Cup Foundation and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. As a member of the esteemed Boston Cabot family, Louis brought his legacy into the fold, intertwining his story with Cabot’s.


Cabot’s career defies easy categorization, reflecting her multifaceted nature. Despite her affiliation with the Democratic Party and close ties with the Kennedy family, she took on the role of social secretary to Nancy Reagan, a fellow Smith College alumna, from 1981 to 1985. She furthered her influence through roles on the boards of trustees for the Phillips Collection and the Eureka Foundation. In addition, she held the position of president at the Washington office of Rogers & Cowan, a prominent public relations firm.

Her literary endeavours culminated in the publication of “Muffie Cabot’s Vanished Kingdoms: A Woman Explorer in Tibet, China, and Mongolia, 1921-1925,” released in 2003 by the Aperture Foundation. This work celebrated her mother’s courageous travels and solidified her role as a storyteller preserving historical narratives.

Her Financial Worth

Muffie Cabot’s financial standing is a subject of speculation, with estimations placing her net worth between $1 million and $5 million. This valuation encompasses her assets, income, and sources of wealth. Her primary earnings stem from her multifaceted career as an heiress, socialite, and celebrity mother—a tapestry woven with layers of influence, relationships, and historical contributions.


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