Payout for U.S. Open: Beau Hossler’s Invaluable Exposure Outshines Monetary Rewards

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In the thrilling world of golf, the U.S. Open is known for its nail-biting competition and awe-inspiring talents. The 2012 U.S. Open witnessed golf’s finest players, with Webb Simpson emerging as the champion, finishing at one over par. However, amid the seasoned professionals, a 17-year-old rising high school senior, Beau Hossler, stole the spotlight as the tournament’s low amateur.

Beau Hossler: The Young Sensation

Beau Hossler’s remarkable performance and composure under pressure captured the imagination of fans and experts alike. Going into the final day of the tournament, he impressively stood tied for eighth place overall at three strokes over par. Undeterred by the intensity of the U.S. Open, Hossler confidently expressed his belief that he could clinch victory. While he faced some challenges on the final day, he showcased his talent with shots that would be the envy of many seasoned pros.

The USGA’s “Rules of Amateur Status”

As the U.S. Open winner’s $1.4 million paycheck was within grasp, a bittersweet reality loomed over Hossler. The USGA’s “Rules of Amateur Status” dictated that if an amateur were to win the tournament, the prize money would be reallocated among the professional golfers’ payouts. Therefore, even if Hossler had achieved the impossible and secured victory, he would not be able to claim the substantial earnings.

The Unadorned Amateur

Unlike his professional counterparts, Hossler did not flaunt sponsor logos or endorsements on his attire. While the field displayed brand affiliations like Nike swooshes, bank logos, and Mercedes’ three-pointed star, Hossler’s Sunday outfit showcased only his Texas pride. The absence of tangible monetary rewards and sponsorship deals did not faze Hossler, as he understood the greater value of the experience and exposure he gained on the national stage.

Invaluable Experience and Exposure

Beau Hossler’s performance at the U.S. Open provided him with unparalleled experience and exposure. Sharing the course with legendary players allowed him to rub shoulders with some of the game’s greats, leaving an indelible mark on his golfing journey. As a committed golf athlete set to play for the University of Texas, Hossler’s time at the U.S. Open will undoubtedly fuel his competitive drive. When the day comes for him to turn pro, his standout performance will give him a significant edge over his peers in terms of visibility and endorsement potential.

Beyond Monetary Rewards

While monetary rewards were beyond Hossler’s grasp due to his amateur status, he grasped something far more precious—experience, growth, and the chance to compete with the best. As he journeys forward in his golfing career, the exposure and recognition gained from the U.S. Open will remain invaluable, shaping his path as a future professional golfer.


Beau Hossler’s remarkable journey at the 2012 U.S. Open demonstrated that sometimes the greatest rewards transcend monetary compensation. As an amateur, he missed out on the substantial prize money and sponsor endorsements enjoyed by professional golfers. Nonetheless, the exposure, experience, and lessons learned will fuel his passion for the sport and pave the way for a promising professional career. The tale of Beau Hossler reminds us that sometimes, in the pursuit of greatness, the true rewards lie beyond the tangible.

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