Randy Malandro– Bio, Carrer, Relationship, And Net Worth

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Meet Randy Malandro, the ex-lover of the dazzling Kristina Wagner, as you bask in the nostalgic glow of the limelight. You may recognize Kristina as the sensational actress who played Felicia Jones on the popular ABC opera General Hospital. However, there is more to the story! Think back to the enthralling late 1980s, when Randy Malandro made a memorable cameo appearance in the alluring series Hotel on the same ABC stage.

Find out more about Randy in this article.

Randy Malandro Biography

Born on American soil in 1959, Randy Malandro now stands as a 63-year-old proud citizen of the United States. However, beyond these vital details, a veil of mystery shrouds his origins, leaving us yearning to know more about his birthplace, parents, siblings, and the tales of his youth.

With a mane of raven-black hair and captivating brown eyes, Randy Malandro presents a striking presence. Yet, the enigma persists as we remain unaware of his stature, weight, and the intricate measurements that define his form. Amidst this intriguing canvas, Randy Malandro’s silhouette remains fascinating and elusive.

His Career

Randy Malandro’s career path is hard to understand because there are few facts about it. On the other hand, his ex-wife is a famous American actor who is often in the spotlight.

Kristina’s acting career began in 1984 on the American daytime soap opera General Hospital. Her performance was a good fit for Felicia Jones Scorpio. From the start of her TV work, she had a lot of success, which helped her quickly build a good reputation. As part of this artistic journey, Susan Atwell appeared surprisedly on an episode of Hotel in 1988.

In 1984, she started big-screen in the action-packed epic Double Dragon. She also did a lot of work on TV. Her roles as Lisa in “A Low Down, Dirty Shame” in 1994 and Lacy in “Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them” are worth mentioning. In The Storyteller, a movie that Joe Crumps made in 2017, he played the famous Dr. Gordon. Her fame is getting brighter and brighter, and she is working on many exciting projects inside her artistic cocoon.

Her Relationship with Kristina Wagner

Now a loner, Randy Malandro was married to the late Kristina Wagner, a legend in the American performing world. Their four-year love tale started with a fortuitous meeting in 1980 and ended with their wedding the following year. Unfortunately, time took its toll, and the couple split up in 1985, leaving any information about their offspring shrouded in obscurity.

Randy has maintained the highest standards of secrecy and honesty throughout his professional life. The murky world of gossip and scandal has never tarnished his path. Instead, he has focused on crafting a story that encompasses his personal and professional lives. This passion is evident in everything he does.

Randy Malandro Net Worth

When you look into Randy Malandro’s finances, information about his earnings, salary, and net worth is unsurpassed. But it’s not crazy to think his work has given him a good living. On the other hand, his ex-wife Kristina has been on the big screen and made a lot of money from it. As of August 2023, she had about $8 million in her bank account, which shows how well her playing has paid off.

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