Ron DeSantis Height and Weight: Trump and Allies Target Chris Christie’s Physical Appearance

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In recent political news, former President Donald Trump and his allies have launched verbal attacks on Chris Christie, the former New Jersey governor, who has declared his candidacy for the 2024 presidential race. Interestingly, the focus of these attacks has been Christie’s physical appearance, particularly his weight. This article delves into the verbal jabs made by Trump and his associates, shedding light on how Christie’s weight became a target in the political arena.

Trump’s Taunting Tactics

Former President Trump took to his Truth Social account to repost a video of Chris Christie delivering his campaign announcement speech in New Hampshire. In the video, Trump cleverly interspersed shots of Christie at a buffet, clutching a plate loaded with food. Trump’s caption questioned how many times Christie used the word “SMALL” in his speech, suggesting a psychological problem with size. This was a reference to Christie’s speech, where he criticized leaders who have made the nation “small” through their actions and conduct.

Donald Trump Jr. Joins In

Donald Trump Jr., known for his active presence on social media, didn’t miss the opportunity to take a jab at Christie’s weight. He tweeted a photo of the Krispy Kreme logo, creatively edited to say “Chris Krispie.” Trump Jr. captioned the image with “New Chris Christie for President logo just dropped,” further fueling the mockery.

The MAGA Inc. Super-PAC Weighs In

The super-PAC supporting Trump, known as MAGA Inc., also chimed in with a veiled reference to Christie’s corpulence. Their spokesperson, Karoline Leavitt, predicted that Christie “will waste no time eating [Florida Gov. Ron] DeSantis’ lunch.” This statement adds an element of sarcasm while further targeting Christie’s physical appearance.

Background on Christie’s Rivalry with Trump

Chris Christie’s candidacy for the 2024 presidential race comes after a rift with former President Trump. Christie distanced himself from Trump following the contentious 2020 election results. In his campaign announcement speech, Christie heavily criticized Trump, portraying him as a “bitter, angry…lonely, self-consumed, self-serving mirror hog,” and likening him to the villain “Voldemort” from the Harry Potter series. Christie’s campaign positions himself as the sole candidate willing to take on Trump directly. Other contenders have avoided criticizing the former president, fearing backlash from Trump’s loyal supporters.

Addressing Concerns About Weight

Christie’s weight has been a subject of concern in the past. In a 2012 interview with ABC News’ Barbara Walters, he dismissed suggestions that his size and health disqualified him from being president as “ridiculous.” He acknowledged being “more than a little” overweight but asserted that it should not be the basis for disqualification.

Competing Candidates in the 2024 GOP Nomination Race

Apart from Christie, former vice president Mike Pence and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum have also announced their challenges against Trump for the GOP’s 2024 nomination. Trump’s campaign reportedly views the growing candidate field as an advantage, believing it will dilute the competition and leave Ron DeSantis as the primary contender.


While Chris Christie enters the political fray with a determination to confront Trump head-on, Trump and his allies resort to mocking his physical appearance, particularly his weight. This tactic reflects the level of intensity and animosity that characterizes modern-day politics. As the 2024 presidential race unfolds, it remains to be seen how such taunts will impact the political landscape and influence voters’ decisions.

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