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Sandra Ellen McCollom is one of Joyce Meyer’s four children. Joyce Meyer often speaks openly about her family and the challenges they have overcome, offering lessons to her large following on how faith and resilience can transform lives.

Career & Profession

Sandra Ellen McCollom is closely involved with Joyce Meyer Ministries, a non-profit Christian organization founded by her mother, Joyce Meyer. The ministry is dedicated to teaching biblical principles and offering charitable services on a global scale. Although Sandra isn’t as public a figure as her mother, she contributes significantly to the ministry’s efforts, helping to carry out its philanthropic missions and spiritual teachings. Her career is primarily aligned with the work of the ministry, making her an essential part of a team that has touched lives across continents.


Sandra is one of four children born to Joyce Meyer and Dave Meyer. She has a twin sister, Laura Marie Holtzmann, and two brothers, David Meyer and Daniel B. Meyer. Being part of a family deeply rooted in Christian faith has profoundly shaped Sandra’s life. Her siblings are equally dedicated to the mission of Joyce Meyer Ministries, and together, they form a cohesive unit committed to spreading the gospel and extending help to those in need.

Her Mom

Joyce Meyer, Sandra’s mother, is a prominent Christian author, speaker, and founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries. With a difficult past that includes overcoming abuse, Joyce turned her pain into a life mission to help others find spiritual freedom and practical solutions to life’s challenges. She has authored over a hundred books and hosts a popular television and radio program. Joyce’s influence on Sandra is evident, as Sandra continues to work passionately within the scope of her mother’s established ministry.

Why is Sandra Famous?

Sandra Ellen McCollom gained public recognition primarily through her association with her mother, Joyce Meyer, one of the world’s most influential Christian leaders. Sandra’s involvement in Joyce Meyer Ministries has given her a platform to reach a global audience. Additionally, her work and appearances at various ministry events have caught the attention of those interested in spiritual teachings and philanthropy. Although not as widely recognized as her mother, Sandra’s contributions to the ministry have made her a notable figure within the sphere of faith-based initiatives.

About Sandra’s Dad

Dave Meyer, Sandra’s father, is often described as the rock that supports the Meyer family and their expansive ministry. Dave has been instrumental in the success of Joyce Meyer Ministries, taking care of administrative and behind-the-scenes duties that allow the ministry to function smoothly. His steady influence and unwavering support have been vital in enabling his wife and children, including Sandra, to reach out to people across the globe. His role as a supportive spouse and father underscores the family-centric ethos that Sandra and her siblings grew up with.


Sandra Ellen McCollom is an influential figure in her own right, guided by a steadfast family and an impactful mother. Rooted deeply in her faith and family’s mission, she continues to be an integral part of Joyce Meyer Ministries, embodying the teachings she’s been raised on. Sandra’s future holds the promise of continued spiritual and philanthropic impact, guided by a lifetime of invaluable experiences and the support of her loving family.

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