Scott Merritt Robertson Personal Life, Family Tree, & More

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Scott Merritt Robertson is a US Army personnel who has been on several missions in Iraq throughout his service. He’s the son of Si Robertson, who’s also a famous personality from the United States..

In this article, we’ll explore everything related to Scott Merritt even though there ain’t much information available about him.

His Marriage & Love Life

Scott is a happily married man, who is married to Marsha Markert Robertson. She’s the daughter-in-law of Si Robertson. So far they have 3 kids in the year 2023: twins- Logan and Connor and Ethan.

There are no reports of the couple being sad with their relationships and the fans can assume that the couple is living a healthy love life.

His Wife: Marsha

Marsha, mom of 3 sons and a proud wife of Scott is a consultant, who works independently. Her work is dedicated towards the promotion of an innovative product- wickless scented candles.

Scott’s Career & Profession

Even though he’s a son of a famous celebrity, Scott has chosen a different path from his dad. He serves in the US Army and he has been deployed to Iraq several times so far. It’s quite clear that his service is remarkable, which has made him a good candidate for Iraq deployment.

Will Scott Ever Join the Entertainment Industry?

Even though Scott is moving towards his old age, it’s still too early in 2023 to say if he will ever join the entertainment industry. However, it’s obvious that some day he will retire from the army and he’ll need alternate sources of income. Scott has never opened up or hinted about his secondary income plans after he retires from the army.

Why He Got Famous

Scott and his wife live a healthy life, just like any regular citizen. But being a son of a famous celebrity Si Robertson has given him some limelight. Despite that, he has chosen to stay away from name and fame. There can be several reasons for that- maybe he doesn’t want his enemies to know about his family, putting them in potential danger.

His Dad: Si Robertson

Silas “Si” Robertson, born on April 27, 1948, in Vivian, Louisiana, became a household name for his role on the reality television show “Duck Dynasty.” The show aired on A&E and followed the Robertson family, who built a successful duck call and hunting accessories business called Duck Commander. Si Robertson, the younger brother of company founder Phil Robertson, served in the United States Army before joining the family business.

Si is known for his humorous and often unpredictable behavior, quickly becoming a fan favorite. His colloquial sayings, known as “Si-isms,” and his ever-present iced tea glass captivated audiences and added a unique flair to the show. Beyond his comedic timing and quirky personality, Si offers a glimpse into a life shaped by faith, family, and the love of the outdoors. He has also been open about his experiences as a Vietnam veteran and how it shaped his perspective on life.


With his dad being in the army previously, it’s safe to say that maybe he chose to be in the army just like his dad. But he didn’t chose to go to the entertainment industry just like his dad did after retiring from the army.

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