Who Is Thomas Klebold: All About the Father of Columbine Murderer Dylan Klebold

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Personal Information or Biography

Thomas Ernest Klebold, born in Toledo, Ohio, on April 15, 1947, is a man whose life took an unexpected and fatal turn due to the events that happened on April 20, 1999. Before this unlucky day, he had been living a fairly typical life that was full of love, family, and hopes and dreams for the future.

His Son and Her Wife

Thomas Klebold’s life story is profoundly intertwined with that of his wife, Susan Francis Klebold. Susan, born on March 25, 1949, was his marriage partner and co-journeyer through life’s ups and downs. They met and became engaged, eventually tying the knot in July 1971.

Their union was blessed with two children: Byron Jacob, born on October 23, 1978, and Dylan, born in September 1981. The Klebold family moved to Littleton, Colorado, in the Denver Metropolitan Area, where they continued to build their lives together. Susan found her calling in working with people with mental disabilities as a therapeutic arts teacher at a psychiatric hospital. She later earned a master’s in educational sciences at Cardinal Stritch College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Despite the eventual tragedy that would shake their lives, the Klebolds were known as ordinary parents who did not tolerate firearms in their homes. In Sue Klebold’s words, “how ordinary our life before Columbine was.”

In their initial interview following the tragic Columbine High School massacre, the parents of one of the perpetrators expressed that they don’t seek forgiveness and only came to understand the depths of their son’s despair after his passing.

“Susan Klebold, speaking with columnist David Brooks in a recent edition of The New York Times, emphasized that Dylan (Klebold) didn’t commit these acts due to his upbringing,” she stated. “His actions were in stark contrast to the values and principles with which he was raised.”


Thomas Klebold’s employment and life trajectory before the fateful day at Columbine High School remained largely uneventful, even though the aftermath of the Columbine High School massacre became the primary focus of his life. Because his journey as a father and spouse took precedence, little information is available regarding his specific work.

Net Worth

Details about Thomas Klebold’s net worth are not publicly available, as his life was thrust into the public eye primarily due to the events surrounding the Columbine High School massacre and its aftermath.

The Klebolds faced immense challenges and grief following the tragedy. In 2014, they divorced after 43 years of marriage, citing differences in how they coped with their grief and their differing viewpoints on what had happened.

Their lives took an unexpected turn, and they remained largely silent in the aftermath of the tragedy, avoiding the press for five years due to fears of being misinterpreted and receiving death threats. However, they broke their silence in 2004, sharing their perspective with The New York Times and later contributing to Andrew Solomon’s book “Far From The Tree.” Their words reflected their immense pain and guilt as they grappled with their son’s actions.

Thomas Klebold and Susan Klebold’s story is one of profound tragedy and heartbreak as they faced the unimaginable horror of their son’s actions. Their journey serves as a reminder of the complexities of human emotions and the profound impact of tragedy on families and individuals.






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