Facts About Zoe Bearse: Her Bio, Relationship, Career And Net Worth

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Zoe Bearse holds the endearing title of being the adopted daughter of actress and comedian Amanda Bearse.

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Who is Zoe Bearse?

Zoe Bearse, the daughter of an accomplished American entertainer, director, and comedian, Amanda Bearse, became a part of Amanda’s life in 1993. Amanda is famously recognised for her role as Marcy Rhoades D’Arcy’s neighbor in the Fox sitcom “Married… with Children.” Amanda, a versatile performer and humorist, remained actively engaged throughout her vibrant career.

Zoe entered Amanda’s world in 1991 at the tender age of two. The bond they share is cherished as a mutual blessing. Amanda’s heart was brimming with excitement and apprehension as she was presented with the opportunity to embrace parenthood. Faced with this life-altering decision, Amanda embraced Zoe as her child, a choice she executed with remarkable grace.

At 31 years old, Amanda’s daughter, Zoe, is vigorously pursuing her career path. Her mother, a renowned actress who has graced the entertainment industry since 1984, has valued Zoe deeply, striving to relish the joys of parenthood while safeguarding them from the media’s constant demands.

Zoe Bearse Parents

At age 64, in 1993, Amanda undertook the journey of adopting her daughter, Zoe, coincidentally the very year Zoe came into this world. While her daughter was growing up, Amanda’s career didn’t shine brightly in Los Angeles; the actress encountered hurdles navigating the industry to secure work opportunities.

Although Amanda disclosed her sexuality at a later point, she was already in a romantic relationship with her girlfriend before that revelation. Indeed, when Zoe was merely two years old, Bearse was sharing a live-in relationship with her then-partner.

Adding another layer to the narrative, Amanda’s partner at the time was also the mother to her 8-year-old daughter, marking a unique and complex chapter in their intertwined lives.

Zoe’s Relationships

Following the pattern of numerous offspring of celebrities, Zoe also maintains a reserved stance when it comes to disclosing her romantic life and potential boyfriend. She has effectively shielded her intricacies from public view, leaving a veil of mystery around her private affairs. Consequently, Zoe’s current relationship remains unverified, making it challenging to ascertain whether she is dating anyone. Amid this uncertainty, certain online sources have indicated that Zoe is single.

Her Career

Armed with a media major, Zoe Bearse embarked on her journey with Shamer Associates in July 2017, assuming the role of an audio editor. Her skill set shines particularly in Apple software, a wide array of Windows software, and many writing styles pertinent to the company’s needs.

This illustrious offspring currently maintains a dual role as an audio editor and engineer. Nestled within the vibrant landscapes of Palm Springs, California, Zoe dedicates herself to her professional endeavors.

Zoe’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Zoe Bearse’s net worth is approximately $300,000. Her primary source of income stems from her role as an audio editor, a position she has skillfully cultivated.

Her mother, Amanda, boasts a substantial fortune in a separate league, with her net worth soaring to $16 million.



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